01. Police have completely [sealed] off the building where two terrorists are believed to have been discovered planting a bomb.
02. Have you already [sealed] the envelope? I forgot to put something in it.
03. Veronica [sealed] the envelope, and put a stamp on it.
04. We [sealed] the jars of cherries, and put them on a shelf in the basement.
05. This smoked salmon comes in vacuum-[sealed] packaging to preserve freshness.
06. The [seal] on our fridge is wearing out, so we'll have to get it replaced.
07. All the degrees have the [seal] of the university on them.
08. Firemen have [sealed] off the building because of a gas leak.
09. The two men [sealed] the deal with a handshake.
10. In the old song, the lyric goes, "I'll send you all my love in a letter, [sealed] with a kiss."
11. During the bubonic plague of London, the city was [sealed] off to avoid contamination.
12. Most of us learned in school that the Magna Carta was signed in 1215 by King John, but it was not; the monarch could not write his name, and granted the Magna Carta by placing his [seal] on it.
13. To [seal] a marriage contract in Togo, the groom's family pays the bride's family a certain amount of money.
14. Place your marked ballot in the envelope, and [seal] it.
15. In April of 1994, Israel [sealed] off the occupied West bank and Gaza Strip, banning Palestinians from entering Israel, in response to two terrorist attacks.
16. In November of 1940, German troops began walling off the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, [sealing] in its 400,000 inhabitants.
17. Herman Boerhaave once stated that the great [seal] of truth is simplicity.

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